Ranks of the devoted 'majestic in faith'

Lee W. Major, a pie maker and a convert of 13 years, is a person whose faith and testimony of the restored gospel radiate brightly. He was one of the nearly 50,000 members who attended the dedication of the San Diego temple.

"I've looked forward to a temple in San Diego for many, many years," said Brother Major, a stake missionary in the San Diego California Sweetwater Stake.

Brother Major and his first wife, who died four years ago, joined the Church in 1980. "Being baptized was one of the greatest things of my life," he declared. "I had been searching constantly for answers, but didn't find them in any of the churches I previously attended."

His wife was invited by a Mormon friend to visit the visitors center in San Diego's "Old Town." The missionaries got the name of the shop where he was working and a couple of weeks later visited him.

"The minute they came through the door, the Spirit of the Lord told me, `Major, here they are.' When I told them I was ready to be baptized, they told me I had to have the lessons first. I was ready to be baptized because I had searched for many years to find the restored gospel. When the time was ready, my Father in Heaven let me know."

Brother Major has been attending the Los Angeles Temple at least twice a month. Now his home is only 20 minutes from the San Diego temple.

"I'm thinking of all the temple work I can do here. In Los Angeles, I was so excited. We did some work for a man who had died before Columbus came to America. I was so happy about doing that work. Just think of all the years he had waited to get baptized and have his temple work done, and I was a part of that.

"One of the great parts of my life is to be able to do temple work."

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