San Diego Temple dedication: Temples - linking heaven and earth

Here are quotations from addresses given at San Diego Temple dedication sessions:

It is in the temple that things of the earth are joined with the things of heaven. . . . Paul made a very significant statement about the day in which we live, that there would be a gathering of all things in Christ that are on earth and in heaven. (See Eph. 1:9-10.) . . . The things of earth will become one with the things of heaven. The great family of God will be united through the saving ordinances of the gospel. The living and the dead will be united vicariously in the same manner in which Christ became the Savior of the world, by giving His life that all men may arise from the grave to everlasting life. This vicarious work and ordinances for the living are the purposes of temples. - President Howard W. HunterTemple work is a testimony that God is a loving Father, that we are all His children. - Elder Boyd K. Packer

We need to approach the subject of temples and temple attendance with deep reverence. Remember the Lord told Moses from the burning bush, "Put off thy shoes from thy feet, for the place whereon thou standeth is holy ground." (Joshua 5:15.) To members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, reverence should be more than silence. It is a proper blend of respect and adoration. - Elder Marvin J. Ashton

I've always thought of the period of our existence called mortality as a time of venturing away from our eternal parents to attend school. We are out on our own to be tested and tried, to learn and prepare for our eternal lives which are to follow. The school experience is generally associated with a period of examination. Before we can enter the House of the Lord, He requires us to make covenants with Him. Before entering into the covenant, we must pass a test of worthiness and witness before two priesthood leaders, our bishop and a member of the stake presidency. We can then receive a recommend to participate in the sacred, saving ordinances that ultimately enable us to receive a celestial degree. - Elder L. Tom Perry

We do not come to this temple to secure forgiveness for our sins; we are here having forsaken our sins with hoped-for forgiveness and in the spirit of deep humility. Forgiveness precedes our entry into the temple; it is not a result thereof. - Elder David B. Haight

The great promise of coming to the temple is that given by the Savior that we should have peace in this life, and eternal life in the life hereafter. We hear a lot of people talking these days about "putting it together," or "having it together." By that, I suppose they mean that those people have acquired and enjoy an inner peace and contentment and satisfaction. The best places I know besides our homes to find this peace are in the holy temples. - Elder James E. Faust

[TempleT ordinances blend "faith and works." They are not rituals which save all by themselves, unaided by the righteous life. On the other hand, random goodness, unaccompanied by divine ordinances, is not of full salvational effect either. - Elder Neal A. Maxwell

Qualification for that glorious promise [exaltation and glory in all thingsT is worth tolerating whatever trials life may bring. In faith, we endure tribulation temporarily in order to be exalted eternally. - Elder Russell M. Nelson

A temple is the embodiment and the culmination of the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The gospel all comes together in a temple of the Lord. In this holy place, what is temporary and mortal is linked to what is everlasting and eternal. The temple epitomizes the highest and purest goals of the gospel of Jesus Christ, in time and throughout all eternity. - Elder Dallin H. Oaks

You young people who are here today should remember how you're feeling while you are in the temple. Set your minds and make the commitment within yourselves to live in such a way that when you're old enough you can come to the temple with your own recommends and receive your endowments and, when the appropriate time has come, to be sealed to your companions. - Elder M. Russell Ballard

The process of purifying and sanctifying is accelerated in the temple. Participation in the ordinances of the temple is the most effective classroom for the perfecting of the saints. The more often we can be brought into His presence, and hear testimonies concerning Him, the more our spirituality will grow and bear fruit. - Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin

The purpose of the temple is to change lives for good forever. The atonement of Jesus Christ makes that possible. Through obedience to His plan of mercy we are able to overcome our weakneses, and when we are obedient and receive all of the ordinances in the temple we can live happily in this life and return to the presence of Father in Heaven and His Son Jesus Christ. - Elder Richard G. Scott

In a world that is "ripening in iniquity" Latter-day Saints who remain faithful will find it necessary to be increasingly different from the world in which they live. Regular temple attendance helps to provide the motivation and spiritual strength to do this. - Elder Dean L. Larsen

We are in the temple to be taught. (D&C 109:14.) . . . We are in the temple to be part of an eternal family. (D&C 2:1-3.) . . . We are in the temple to receive revelation about the plan of salvation and the Savior and Redeemer. (D&C 109:5.) - Elder Charles Didier

The doctrines of the temple pondered and prayed over will greatly enrich our lives. The spiritual lessons of the temple come only with time, effort, and deep contemplation. - Elder L. Aldin Porter

In the temple we may learn that male and female, by themselves, are not whole and that our lives are but tests to see whether we qualify, through the gift of love, to establish relationships of trust, one with another, so that in one future day we may be made whole. - Elder F. Enzio Busche

The sealing ordinances in the temple can only be performed by priesthood holders who have received the sealing power from the First Presidency of the Church, which power is eternal in its nature and everlasting in its consequences. - Elder Jacob de Jager

You can't stand in a holy place without being purified first, because it would not still be a holy place if you are not clean; at least, it would not a holy place for you. . . . Once you are clean you are ready to stand in whatever holy place the Lord directs you. - Elder Henry B. Eyring

I feel strongly that . . . all of Heavenly Father's children need to understand more about temples and the blessings of temples to each individually. It is essential that we come to know that the ordinances of the temple help us place the Savior at the center of our lives. That eternal perspective will give us greater peace of mind, more purpose for life, and a powerful motivation to keep the commandments. - Elder Jack H Goaslind

I know a little about the faith, fasting, prayer, effort and hard work that have gone into the planning and building of this temple, into the great open house just completed, and now this marvelous dedication. I want to say to all who have had any part in this process, "Thank you and may God bless you." And He will, for you have put Him and His work and His temple first in your lives. You have had "no other gods before" you and He loves you for this and will bless you greatly. - Elder John H. Groberg

I believe no honest effort in keeping the covenants will be rejected by the Lord. There is no place on earth that helps us in keeping these covenants as the temple. The temple is the grand classroom for sanctification of the individual and that is because the teacher in the temple is the Spirit. - Elder H. Burke Peterson

I testify to you that the key to spiritual maturity is the endowment. As we come here regularly with open minds, in humility and prayer, contemplating the things of the Spirit and "the deep things of God," we will become better and stronger. We will be equipped to withstand the challenges, temptations and problems of our world. Temples are the great garners of the Lord. - Elder David E. Sorensen

The ordinances given in the temple give a meaning for our mortal probation in terms of how we must conduct our lives to return to the presence of our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. - Presiding Bishop Robert D. Hales

Section 97 of the Doctrine and Covenants speaks of "a place of thanksgiving for all saints, and . . . a place of instruction. . . . " (v. 13.) As we provide places for one another, and especially our families, environments of trust and respect where faith can grow, I believe we will feel the Spirit teach us ever so gently, but it will teach us over and over again, until that perfect day when we return to Him. - Janette C. Hales, Young Women general president

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