Area presidency assignments

The First Presidency this week announced new assignments in area presidencies, effective Aug. 15.

Sixty-nine members of the Seventy have been assigned to presidencies in 23 areas throughout the world.Other members of the Seventy have been given assignments as mission and temple presidents, as well as at Church headquarters in the Young Men and Sunday School general presidencies, in Church education, and in the Missionary, Family History, Temple, Correlation, Curriculum, Historical and Priesthood departments.

Included in the new assignments of area presidencies are three members of the Presidency of the Seventy: Elder Dean L. Larsen, who has served in the quorum presidency since Feb. 22, 1980; Elder James M. Paramore, who has served in the presidency since Aug. 15, 1987; and Elder J. Richard Clarke, who has been in the presidency since Oct. 1, 1988.

Elder Larsen has been assigned as president of the Europe/Mediterranean Area with headquarters in Thoiry, France, and Elder Clarke has been assigned as president of the Africa Area with headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa. Elder Paramore has been assigned as president of the North America Central Area.

Succeeding them in the Presidency of the Seventy are Elder Joe J. Christensen, Elder Monte J. Brough and Elder W. Eugene Hansen. (See separate story on page 4.)

Area presidencies supervise the affairs of the Church in assigned areas of the world.

The area presidencies were first announced in June 1984 with the creation of 13 areas worldwide. Since then, 10 other areas have been created. Of the original areas, seven were in the United States and Canada and six in other parts of the world.

Today, there are nine areas in the United States and Canada, six in Latin Amerca, three in Europe, two in Asia, one in Africa, one in the South Pacific, and one in Philippines/Micronesia.

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