Joseph Smith Memorial Building

The Joseph Smith Memorial Building, formerly Hotel Utah, will be dedicated during private services Sunday, June 27, at 7 p.m., the First Presidency announced.

A series of tours for specially invited guests will be conducted prior to and after the day of dedication. Public tours are scheduled for July 3, 6-7, the Church officials said.During the services conducted by the First Presidency, the building will be dedicated for its intended use as a Church office building, but also as a community center featuring reception, banquet and meeting rooms; restaurants; a 500-seat, large-screen theater where a free movie, "Legacy," will be shown; and the FamilySearch Center where visitors may do family history research at 130 computer stations. There will also be meetinghouse facilities for a downtown stake and wards.

The Hotel Utah was originally completed in 1911 and acquired a reputation as one of the world's fine hotels over the next 76 years. It was closed in 1987 and has undergone extensive renovation during the past few years.

Banquet, reception and meeting rooms are situated on the main floor, mezzanine and 10th floor of the building. The Garden and Roof restaurants are on the 10th floor, and the theater is in the area once occupied by the Grand Ballroom of the old hotel. The Lafayette Ballroom on the mezzanine is now a chapel.

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