Nauvoo remains relatively safe from heavy Mississippi flooding

Heavy flooding in some cities and towns along the rampaging Mississippi River has not affected Nauvoo much, according to Daniel D. Hahl, second counselor in the Nauvoo Illinois Stake presidency.

He related that the west end of Parley's Street, which stops just short of the river, has been closed.A spokesman for the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints reported that pumps were being used to keep water out of the Nauvoo House, a hotel commissioned by the Prophet Joseph Smith in the mid-1840s. Water crested a dike in front of the old hotel, owned by the RLDS Church, and residents joined to sandbag the dike.

In addition, the lower parts of the Smith Cemetery, also owned by the RLDS Church, are under water, but RLDS officials don't expect significant damage.

"We have extra missionaries serving in Nauvoo this year," Pres. Hahl added. "We're just waiting for people to come, and we hope news reports of flooding won't stop them."

Continuing, he said: "We have some wards in Hannibal [Mo.T and Quincy [Ill.T, where people have been keeping a close watch on the dikes. If the dikes break, there could be some flooding of members' homes there."

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