Joseph reassured about his family

While on a mission to the eastern United States and Canada, Joseph Smith became concerned about his family and their well-being in his absence. On Oct. 11, 1833, he wrote in his journal:

"I feel very well in mind. The Lord is with us, but have much anxiety about my family." (History of the Church 1:419.)In Section 100, a revelation dated Oct. 12, 1833, the Lord assured Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon that their families were well and were in the care of the Lord. (See verse 1.)

At that time, the saints in Missouri were suffering at the hands of mobs. The Lord assured Joseph that His work would not be thwarted and He would still raise up a pure people and establish Zion upon the earth.

Having given Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon peace of mind concerning their families and the future status of Zion, the Lord instructed them concerning the way He desired them to carry out their responsibilities as teachers and ministers of the gospel. He directed them pertaining to what they were to teach and made certain promises to them based upon their obedience to His direction.

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