New temple presidents

Yeong Cheon Bae, 67, called as president of the Seoul Korea Temple, succeeding Pres. Byung-kyu Pak. His wife, Soon Seong Kim Bae, will serve as temple matron. Pres. Bae is a counselor in the Korea Seoul Temple presidency and has served as temple sealer and ordinance worker, stake president's counselor, high councilor, district president and branch president. A businessman, he received a bachelor's degree from Dong Kook University and a master's degree from from Dong Ah University. Sister Bae is a former temple ordinance worker, district Relief Society president, full-time missionary and temple missionary.

Ian Goodwin Mackie, 61, Normanhurst Ward, Sydney Australia Greenwich Stake, called as president of the Sydney Australia Temple, succeeding Donald W. Cummings. Pres. Mackie's wife, Norma Elfreda Bush Mackie, will serve as temple matron. Pres. Mackie is a former regional representative, stake president, counselor to three mission presidents and bishop. He was employed in the insurance management business before working for the Church's Temple Department. He was born in New South Wales, to Alan Grahame and Katherine Bridget Lechmere Mackie. Sister Mackie is a former stake and ward Primary president, ward Relief Society president, and early-morning seminary teacher. She was born in Leichhardt, New South Wales, Australia, to John Francis and Hazel Muriel Bratton Bush.Wei Wang, 60, Panchiao Ward, Taipei Taiwan West Stake, called as president of the Taipei Taiwan Temple, succeeding Pres. Barton S. Gillespie. Pres. Wang's wife, Hsiao-feng Tan Wang, will serve as temple matron. Pres. Wang is second counselor in the Taipei Taiwan Temple presidency, and served as stake president's counselor, high councilor, bishop and branch president. He is a former military officer and retired shipping association executive. He was born in Chiang Su, China, to Kang-ching and Cheng-shr Wang. Sister Wang is assistant temple matron and a former Relief Society president, Primary president's counselor, and teacher. She was born in Shan Tung, China, to Kuan-wu and Yen-feng Liu Tan.

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