Demand great for 'Legacy' tickets; consideration asked for visitors

Public response to the movie "Legacy," which has been shown daily at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building since it opened in June, has been "overwhelming."

Sherman M. Crump, managing director of the Missionary Department, made the following statement concerning the viewing of the movie:"We are thrilled with the overwhelming public response to the movie "Legacy," which is showing daily in the new theater at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in Salt Lake City. We are confident that those who have seen the movie have felt a new or increased appreciation for those who sacrificed for the Church and the establishment of these western communities.

"Even with 10 daily showings, the demand for tickets has been great, and many people have not yet been able to view the movie. We are especially sensitive to those who have traveled great distances to visit Utah, or may be in the area for only a brief time. We hope these guests will also have an opportunity to view the film.

"Out of consideration for those visitors whose time in the city is limited, we ask the members of our Church who may have already seen "Legacy," or are planning to see the film in the near future, to postpone viewing the movie until the Church's general conference, Oct. 2 and 3. This will allow travelers and other guests to view "Legacy" during the remaining summer and fall seasons of peak travel and tourism.

"We also ask that Latter-day Saint youth groups wait until after general conference to schedule group excursions to see the film.

"We thank everyone for their kind and favorable response to "Legacy," and for continued cooperation with and accommodation of guests at Church headquarters."

"Legacy" is a 53-minute film depicting the early history of the Church through the experiences of a fictional pioneer family. It is shown Mondays through Saturdays in the building's new 500-seat, large screen theater.

There is no charge for the movie, but tickets are required to ensure that no more than 500 people are admitted for each showing. Tickets may be obtained at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, at the visitors centers on Temple Square or at the Church Office Building. An estimated 145,000 persons have seen the film since its first showing at the building's open house.

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