Danish basketball star and future missionary vows, 'never on Sunday'

When the Danish basketball championship was won last March, one of the key persons both on and off the court was David Meilsoe of the Copenhagen 3rd Ward.

David, 19, is a well-known figure in Danish basketball, not only because of his involvement in sports, but also because of his Church membership. His fame has resulted in many people knowing about the Church and its principles.He was a part of winning the championship for his team, Horsholm, for which he currently plays. The team also won the championship in 1991. At that time, he was the youngest player ever to be on the championship team.

(Since the writing of this story, the Danish Basketball Union has taken back the national championship title from Horsholm on grounds that are still being argued.)

David's older brother, Lasse Meilsoe, also played for Horsholm in 1991. Thus both brothers are regarded as champions in a sport that has deep roots in the Church, particularly in Copenhagen.

David's attitude toward playing on Sunday is well-known off the court. "Never on Sunday," he declares. "On Sunday I devote myself completely to the Church and the spiritual side of life in order to make it through the coming week. It is a time to ponder life and its important aspects. I'm not perfect; my religion is. I make mistakes just like anybody else, but I probably think more about my behavior because of the attention my membership in the Church gets me."

David has been on the elite Horsholm team for three years. Prior to that he played for the Church, which is in the

Denmark Series. It was in the Church that David developed his talent.

The Meilsoe family was reared on basketball: basketball for breakfast, lunch and dinner. David's father, Per, and his mother, Kirsten, have both played on national teams, and several of David's brothers have dominated the teams they have played on.

Per and Kirsten Meilsoe were introduced to the Church by American missionaries, who were basketball players. Since their baptisms, the Meilsoes have influenced Church basketball in Denmark.

David is currently preparing for his mission.

"Many people my age have not yet made any major decisions concering their lives," he said. "But there comes a time when making a decision is necessary, and I'm constantly reminded of the fact that I have made the right decision."

David's basketball future is promising. He has played on the Danish Junior National Team and wants to try out for a position on the Danish National Team after his mission, like his brother did a couple of years ago. He has played basketball in California and in Florida.

David is a steadfast young man who knows what he wants, so it may not be long before he becomes one of Danish basketball's main players.

But first a mission will benefit from his determination, strong testimony and desire to serve the Church for two years.

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