New stake presidencies

Elder Horacio Tenorio of the Seventy created the Buenos Aires Argentina Sarmiento Stake, which includes the Jose C Paz 1st, Jose C Paz 2nd, Pablo Nogues, San Ignacio, San Miguel wards and the Derqui, Grand Bourg, Pilar, Savio, and Tortuguitas branches.

Elder Lynn A. Mickelsen of the Seventy created the Los Andes Chile Stake, which includes the Almendral, Centenario, Llay-Llay, Los Andes, San Felipe wards and the Calle Larga branch.Elder John B. Dickson of the Seventy created the Mercedes Uruguay Stake, which includes the Dolores, Fray Bentos 1st, Fray Bentos 2nd, Mercedes 1st and Mercedes 2nd wards and the Fray Bentos 3rd, and Nuevo Berlin branches.

Elder Mickelsen also created the Santiago Chile La Reina Stake, which includes the Andacollo, Jose Arrieta, La Reina, Los Orientales, and the Penalolen wards.

And he created the Santiago de Estero Argentina Stake, which includes the Borges, Cabildo, Ejercito Argentino, La Banda 1st, Santiago Centro wards and the Frias, and Termas Rio Hondo branches.

About the cover

The Church's Gospel Art Picture Kit is now available as a teaching aid. The kit contains 104 pictures illustrating scripture stories and Church history. The pictures are 8x11 inches. Included are pictures of Church presidents and temples. An explanation is printed on the back of each illustration or photo.

The kits, developed primarily for areas in which branches or small wards do not have libraries, are available in several languages. Please see article on page 4.



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