Jail that held leaders had two-feet thick walls

The jail at Liberty, Mo., where the Prophet Joseph Smith and his companions were incarcerated, was built of rough dressed limestone "of yellowish color."

A description of the jail is found in a footnote of B.H. Roberts' A Comprehensive History of the Church:"Its dimensions were twenty by twenty-two feet, and the walls were two feet thick. It had two floors, hence two rooms - an upper one and a basement, which formed a dungeon. In the east end was a heavy door made strong, and of great thickness, by nailing inch oak boards together with iron spikes. In the south side of the upper room there was a small opening, a foot and a half square, with strong iron bars, two inches apart, firmly imbedded in the stones of the wall. It cost the county six hundred dollars; Solomon Fry being the contractor." (A Comprehensive History of the Church 1:526.)

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