Shining moments: Open to guidance

Suddenly, with no warning and for no apparent reason, my dad, Joel Garrett Sedgwick, jumped out of his chair like he'd been shot.

He had been sitting in the kitchen of his father's house in Layton, Utah, visiting relatives.After bolting from his chair, knocking it backwards in the process, he ran directly to the swiftly running irrigation ditch some distance from the house.

I was just a toddler, and had tumbled into the rushing water. Frantically clutching the slippery weeds on the bank of that ditch with my little fingers, I would have been carried away in seconds. No one saw me fall into the water, nor could they hear my cries. It wasn't possible to see the ditch from the house.

But Dad had an impression of spirit to spirit that cut through the visiting of relatives and sent him running. He doesn't know to this day how he got to the very spot where I had fallen into that deep, swift water, but there is no question that he saved my life. A few feet from where I fell, the canal went under the road and a grate would have prevented me from going further. I would have quickly drowned.

But because my dad was there for me, I didn't drown. I grew up, married, had three children of my own and now have grandchildren and have had many rich and varied experiences for almost 58 years. I've always had a thankful heart that my father gave me life and then saved it as well.

That Dad would be able to save me under such circumstances is not surprising considering the type of life he has led. I've always admired his leadership and intelligence; his good sense to marry Mother, Lola Hansen Sedgwick; his willingness to work hard; his dedication to his six children and his commitment to lifetime Church service.

Dad is 90 years old now and is saving souls in different ways than when he rescued me from the water. He is a sealer in the Provo Temple and has served missions with Mother to England and to the Washington Temple.

I am very grateful that one day long ago, he was open to the impressions of the Spirit and gave me the chance to live a rich, full life. - Karen S. Stone, Murray 23rd Ward, Murray Utah Stake

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