A full life makes years meaningful

Thirty years ago my Grandmother, Avon Rich Smart, would spend untold hours reading books and putting together puzzles with her grandchildren. Each of us thought we were her special grandchild as she cultivated relationships that have proved to be cornerstones in our lives.

Now, at 92 years old, she continues to enrich the lives of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren."Nana" as we call her, has always provided a haven where we could go and be received with unconditional love. A scholar of the Old Testament, she is quick to share parables that might apply to us and shares a vision of life that weeds out the superfluous things and focuses on what really matters.

She doesn't take herself too seriously and encourages us to do the same.

As a former school teacher, her favorite pastime is family history and producing synopses of great writings on her word processor.

To us she is timeless and will remain forever young.

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