Y. creates transfer agreement with Ricks College

Students from Ricks College who plan to transfer to Brigham Young University can now fill most of their BYU general education and university requirements by completing the Associate of Arts and Sciences degree at Ricks.

The favorable transfer process is part of a new Transfer Consortium Agreement reached between BYU and Ricks. The agreement is in effect for current Ricks students tranferring to BYU for the winter semester in January 1994, but the associate degree provisions also apply to all former Ricks students who have transferred to BYU with their degree, regardless of how long they have been at BYU.According to Jeff Tanner, associate dean of BYU Admissions and Records, the only courses not included in this agreement are advanced writing, advanced math or foreign language, and religion classes. Although advanced writing and the advanced math or language requirements cannot be filled through the associate program, a student can still meet these requirements at Ricks College by taking the appropriate courses listed on the BYU-Ricks College Articulation Agreement.

Current Ricks College students planning to attend BYU need to make sure BYU receives their final Ricks transcript that indicates completion of their associate degree. They will then receive an ABC (Advisement by Computer) report that indicates completion of the above mentioned general education requirements. Additionally, the health and physical education requirements will also be met.

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