BYU's school of accountancy climbs in national rankings

According to a nationwide survey of accounting professors, both the undergraduate and graduate programs at BYU's School of Accountancy have advanced in their top 10 rankings from a year ago.

The 12th Annual Professors Survey, published in the Aug. 15 issue of Public Accounting Report, reported that BYU's undergraduate program jumped to third place in 1993 rankings, up from fifth place in the 1992 results.The survey, taken from selections made by chairs and professors at the nation's accounting schools, also recognized BYU as having the sixth best graduate program in the country, one better than last year's ranking.

"BYU's continued escalation up the rankings is caused by a variety of factors, most notably word-of-mouth given by recruiters about the program and the quality students who materialize from it," said W. Steve Albrecht, director of the School of Accountancy. "Also contributing to the program's success is the increased visibility our faculty has received throughout the country."

Albrecht said that much visibility has come as a result of a $250,000 grant awarded to the School of Accountancy in 1990 by the Accounting Education Change Commission to stimulate innovative changes in accounting curriculum and instruction.

Through the School of Accountancy's participation in developing this model curriculum, professors and recruiters nationwide have had many opportunities to learn and hear about BYU's program.

Six other schools made the top 10 list for both undergraduate and graduate programs. The University of Illinois topped the list in both programs, with the University of Texas second in both programs. The University of Southern California, the University of Michigan, the University of Florida and Michigan State University also achieved double honors.

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