Simple kindnesses affect lives profoundly

My companion and I had decided to go visiting teaching at a certain day and time. The sisters we visited live in the countryside.

The problem started that morning when my car did not start. I had to decide whether to cancel the visits or solve the problem. It would have been easy to call my companion and cancel, but I decided not to. I felt prompted that we should go and visit a sister who we had made arrangements with.I was able through some effort to arrange transportation, and went to pick up my companion. We chatted as usual during the one-hour trip, and I was glad that we were on our way.

As we drove, we did not know what would greet us. When we arrived, we were met by a crying sister. She said, "I am glad you are here. My husband just died two hours ago."

We were needed, and the Spirit inspired me not to give in. I am nothing but glad that I was receptive to the Spirit - the same Spirit that inspires all visiting teachers when we are needed somewhere. - Veronika Ekelund, Handen Ward, Stockholm Sweden Stake


My companion and I enjoy one another's companionship, and we share a special love for the work of visiting teaching and for the sisters we visit. We visit three women in our ward, and as part of our assignment, we are also trying to meet the challenge of visiting teaching a less-active sister in our ward.

I remember the first time I made an appointment with her. She was very cordial and pleasant over the telephone. Our first visit was the day before her birthday. We took her a bouquet of flowers and a card. It helped to break the ice.

Some months we are not successful in visiting her in her home, but we make an effort to keep in touch with her by either sending a note or making a telephone call. Luckily, her grandson and my son played on the same Little League team, so it was easy to visit with her on a more social basis. Whenever I see her at the store, I make an effort to stop and say hello. I learned from my companion that the less-active sister had not been too receptive to some of the visiting teachers she had had in the past. It has thrilled us both that she will invite us into her home. - Debbie Rollingson, Medicine Hat 3rd Ward, Taber Alberta Stake


Visiting teaching has been a tremendous blessing in my life. I have been blessed with kind and caring visiting teachers over the years who have shown great compassion and concern. They always seem to have my best interest in mind as I have been the recipient of many an act of kindness.

As a newlywed stationed in Alaska with my husband, I felt quite alone at times during the long, cold winters as my husband was away most of the time. My visiting teachers made me feel welcome and kept in touch almost daily with a phone call or a visit. I felt like we were all one big family in our tiny branch because of the kindness displayed by so many visiting teachers. That kindness is what held us together in the difficult living conditions. Even after 23 years, so many of the friendships formed in Alaska still remain because of those caring sisters.

When we lost our first child, it was especially difficult since we had no family living close enough to have around in our time of need. But my visiting teachers brought so much comfort to me by just being there to listen and quietly doing small acts of kindness to help me through such a trying time.

As a visiting teacher, I have personally felt on numerous occasions the prompting to be there for someone. Sometimes the only contact that someone may have with the Church is through their visiting teachers. And what a blessing it can be in their lives to have someone who cares! - Pat Campbell, Rapid City 3rd Ward, Rapid City South Dakota Stake

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