Through the eyes of a child: 'I always want to feel peace, and I can from Heavenly Father'

When I hear the word "peace," I think of heaven because it is a beautiful place. I know that Heavenly Father loves me and wants me to come back and live with Him someday.

I feel peace when I remember all the things Heavenly Father gave me. He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to earth to teach us about the gospel. Jesus also died on Calvary to pay for our sins. Heavenly Father also gave us this world, and let me have a chance to be on this earth.I feel peace when I know that there's a living prophet on this earth to guide me to heaven. I feel peace when I remember Joseph Smith really talked to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. All these things show me that Heavenly Father loves me.

I feel peace and safety when I pray and the Holy Ghost comforts me. When I'm scared or lost I know that the Holy Ghost is there to help me.

My home makes me feel safe because my family is there to protect me. My home is a place of peace because we live the gospel. We sing hymns and read scriptures and have family home evening together as a family.

When I think of the word "peace," it reminds me of a calm and quiet place. My mom and dad tell me how quiet and peaceful the temple is. And I want to go to the temple someday to feel the peacefulness. I have seen many temples and have walked on temple grounds and have felt a lot of peace there.

There is a song in Primary that's called, "Keep the Commandments." This song teaches me that if I keep the commandments I will have safety and peace.

When I hear the word "peace," it reminds me of the story of Daniel in the lion's den. Daniel was a righteous man and would not stop praying, so he was put in the lion's den. Because Daniel was righteous, Heavenly Father gave him peace and Daniel didn't get eaten by the lions.

I also remember the story when Jesus Christ appeared to the Nephites and taught the Nephites the gospel, and they loved each other and had peace for 200 years.

I always want to feel peace, and I can from Heavenly Father.

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