Volunteer driver delivers job to others

Nellie Handley was so hard-driving at her work, it took several people to replace her.

Until recently, Sister Handley drove the Naperville Bishop's Storehouse van two or three days a week, delivering commodities to families.Besides delivering, Sister Handley would help fill orders and load the truck. She volunteered about 30 hours a week.

"I really came to love the families I served, even though I didn't know them by name," Sister Handley said.

A member of the Prestbury Ward, Naperville Illinois Stake, she volunteered for the delivery assignment in 1986. Her weekly trips have taken her as far north as Green Bay, Wis.; west to Cedar Falls, Iowa; south to Peoria, Ill.; and east to South Bend, Ind.

Three years ago, Sister Handley took three months off to attend a truck drivers school which gave her additional skills and a greater appreciation for other vehicles on the road. During her nearly seven years of service, and traveling over 300,000 miles, she was never involved in a traffic accident.

Sister Handley's routes now take two people on each to replace her.

"I have mixed feelings about giving up my volunteer work," she admits.

Memories of grateful Church members will always remain with her.

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