Church presence increasing

The Church's presence in the Independence area is increasing.

The most visible LDS site in the area is the Independence Visitors Center. Even though it was closed for refurbishment for six months, nearly 35,000 people visited the center during 1993, said Clemont Bishop, director.In nearby Liberty, some 35,000 people visited the Liberty Jail Historic Site during the year. The site consists of a building that encloses the reconstructed and cut-away Liberty Jail. This was the largest number to visit the jail in many years, according to Everett West, director.

In the greater Kansas City area, there are now parts of the Kansas City, Liberty, and Independence stakes, as well as promising wards in the Blue Springs area.

A family history center is well-used at the Independence Stake Center. And as another evidence of the Church's presence, a nearby gelatin packaging plant, is operated by volunteers for Welfare Services.

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