Sister hack: 'lifetime to learn'

For Relief Society women to stand firm and faithful, they must be clearly focused on seeking the Lord, said Elaine L. Jack, Relief Society general president.

Speaking Sept. 24 during the General Relief Society Meeting, Pres. Jack remarked: "The Lord has counseled us directly in this dispensation to seek the Spirit - to learn much - that we might lay aside the things of this world and seek for the things of a better.' (D&C 25:10.) I feel strongly that this is a clarion call for the women of this Church at this time."Seeking implies so much more than merely looking. Seek means energy, direction, passion, purpose," she explained. "How do we seek with our minds? With our intellect we can ponder, we can analyze our circumstances, we can sort and sift information, weigh our options, we can store ideas, we can draw conclusions from our experiences, find answers to our problems; we can treasure thoughts and receive revelation. Isn't that what the Lord meant when he said,You must study it out in your mind . . . and then ask me if these things are not true." (D&C 9:8.)

The Relief Society general president told those listening: "Sisters, this is a complicated era in which we live. Technology has simplified some tasks and opened up ways to learn our grandmothers never imagined. But with a computerized society have come increased pressures, causing us to weigh carefully how we use our time, to evaluate thoughtfully what we can do that will make the greatest difference.

"As we earnestly seek light and truth, we develop clarity in our lives that reflects spiritual understanding and commitment. This clarity results as we learn from our daily experiences, our thoughtful study, and as we receive personal inspiration from the Holy Spirit.

"The Lord has given us a lifetime to learn. This process is part of our eternal progression."

Pres. Jack then spoke of the "burgeoning literacy effort in the Church." The Gospel Literacy Effort was discussed during the meeting and was the focus of a video shown during the evening. (Please see page 4 for excerpts from the video.)

"Seeking to be literate is a compelling challenge. Being able to read enables us to seek further light and truth. Light is more than being able to see with eyes. It includes revelation of things as they are, as they were, and as they are to come. Light brings definition out of darkness.

"Light and truth are not obscure terms," she continued. "Truth is basic to the gospel.

"Fervently, we seek truth," Pres. Jack continued. "Of course there are, all around us, many who seek to do good deeds for we in the Church do not have a corner on goodness. But we have the spirit that allows us to recognize and discern the truth wherever we find it. This knowledge sets us apart and brings joy, as well as weighty responsibility.

"We must seek to know Jesus Christ, for this is knowledge that is singular and everlasting. Sisters, if I could offer but two words of counsel, they would be: Seek Jesus!"

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