This week in Church history

150 years ago

President Brigham Young emphasized that the Church was led by revelation in an address given Oct. 6, 1844, during the general conference of the Church.

According to an account in History of the Church 7:284, "thousands" assembled on the Nauvoo temple grounds for the meeting Sunday morning at 10 a.m. Elder Parley P. Pratt conducted and "called the people to order." A choir provided music, and the invocation was given by Elder William W. Phelps.

After "some instructions were given by Elder Pratt," President Young

spoke. "This day will be devoted to preaching and instruction, and we will attend to business tomorrow," he said. . . . "Some elders who have known the organization of the Church from the beginning have faltered and become darkened. We feel to give the necessary instruction pertaining to the Church and how it has been led. . . .

"When the Lord commences to work upon the earth He always does it by revealing His will to some man on the earth, and he to others. The Church is built up by revelation, given from day to day according to the requirements of the people.

"The Lord will not cease to give revelations to the people, unless the people trample on His laws and forsake and reject Him.

"I request that the Latter-day Saints may pray that we may have the outpouring of the Spirit that we may hear, and I wish them to pray for me that I may have strength, and that I may make every principle I speak upon so perfectly plain that we may all understand as quick as when we talk together upon our daily matters.

"This Church has been led by revelation, and unless we forsake the Lord entirely, so that the priesthood is taken from us, it will be led by revelation all the time."

Quote from the past

"I expect we shall continue to contend for liberty, not with physical weapons, but with steadfast moral courage." - President George Q. Cannon, in an address given June 25, 1882, in the Tabernacle on Temple Square.

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