Toddler 'follows prophet' during exhibit opening

President Howard W. Hunter was a guest at the opening celebration Oct. 4 of the exhibit "Jesus Once Was a Little Child, a Little Child Like Me" at the Museum of Church History and Art.

On that occasion, curator Marjorie Conder witnessed a literal application of the message in a well-known Primary song."As President Hunter came to the exhibit entrance," Sister Conder said, "a docent was conducting a Nativity presentation for a large group of children, most of whom were dressed in costumes.

"President Hunter watched for a few minutes, but there was really no way he could proceed with so many children in the way (who didn't even realize he was there). I interrupted and asked the children to stand and turn around. Many were transfixed to be almost face-to-face with the prophet.

"As President Hunter's party moved into the home' area, a very little boy, probably about age 2, with a stuffed sheep in his arms and who obviously recognized President Hunter ran on his very short legs toward the back of President Hunter's wheelchair, saying,Follow the prophet.'

"This was obviously a child who at a very tender age had been taught to recognize the prophet and also knew the song, `Follow the Prophet,'

Children's Songbook, p. 110.T His literal child-world view impelled him to act when literally presented with the opportunity to `follow.' "

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