Church releases new radio programs

Nine new public service radio programs produced by the Church have been sent to radio stations throughout the nation.

Part of the award-winning Times and Seasons series, the 30-minute programs include "The Free Press," "Self-Esteem," "Family Traditions," "Kicking the Habit," "Educating our Children," "The Marriage Partnership," "Crime Prevention," "The Learning Process," and "Literacy.""These programs deal with real issues in a positive and educational way," said L. Gerald Pond, executive producer of the series for the Church's Public Affairs Department.

"Times and Seasons was created because we believe that as a Church we have a responsibility to provide uplifting material to the media, and people are listening," Brother Pond said.

The series is now airing in nearly every state on some 800 stations. Descriptions of the new programs are as follows:

"The Free Press" examines the importance of the First Amendment and its close relationship to freedom of conscience.

"Self-Esteem" looks at the development of a healthy self-image. It reviews how researchers have found that having a feeling of self-worth can lead to positive actions and achievements in a person's life.

"Family Traditions" explores traditions and rituals in families and their profound influence upon families and individuals. "While rituals may have a religious meaning, both traditions and rituals often spring from values held by families," Brother Pond explained.

"Kicking the Habit" (smoking) reminds people that there are good reasons to quit smoking and that more people will quit smoking if they understand the logic behind why they shouldn't smoke. The program discusses ways to "kick the habit."

"Educating Our Children" tells listeners that young children are eager, creative learners. Yet as they grow older, they may seem to lose this driving curiosity. "Leading experts and researchers explain how learning can be a lifelong pursuit," Brother Pond added.

"The Marriage Partnership" examines how men and women work together and how they depend upon one another. "This program examines how marriage partners can better understand each other in order to have loving and lasting relationships," Brother Pond said.

"Crime Prevention" notes that crime is a universal and escalating problem. Whether or not one has been a victim of crime, everyone pays for it in one way or another and there are ways to prevent crime at home and in the community.

"The Learning Process" reviews what the experts have to say about how and when adults, children and babies learn. The program discusses the various ways people can become better learners.

"Literacy" tells listeners that millions of Americans are functionally illiterate. "Reading skills are directly linked to the quality of life, and this program discusses ways and reasons for becoming a better reader," Brother Pond explained.

To receive additional information, call (800) 453-3860, extension 4397.

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