BYU again offering 'semester in Nauvoo'

BYU will once again offer a semester in Nauvoo, Ill., program during winter semester 1995.

Dr. Milton V. Backman, emeritus professor of Church history and doctrine at BYU, will return as director of the program, with Reed Durham, Charles Tate and Robert Quist teaching classes as well."The cost for this program is approximately the same as a semester on the BYU campus," said George J. Talbot, director of BYU Travel Study, which handles logistical arrangements for the program. "There are still a few openings left, especially for male students."

Students will reside in restored historic homes and missionary homes in Nauvoo and will be enrolled in various classes, as well as take part in ward and stake activities. Those interested in obtaining more information about the program should call 800-525-2049 or 801-378-3946.

Forty-two students participated in last winter's pilot program in Nauvoo, taking classes in Church history and doctrine, American history, art and English grammar and literature. Classes were conducted in the LDS Visitors Center and the restored Nauvoo Cultural Hall, built by the Saints in the 1840s.

Evaluations indicate that the program was very successful, according to Brother Backman. "By their community service and exemplary lives, the students helped establish warm relationships between the Church and the non-Mormon community," he said.

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