Gospel is 'only true and valid basis' for life

Brings about miracles

Enables right choices

Reflecting on a recent experience as an airline pilot flying over the Atlantic Ocean and seeing myriad stars in the sky, Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf of the Seventy said in the Saturday evening priesthood session that his thoughts turned to "miracles" in his life.

Elder Uchtdorf said his family in 1952 had to leave his home in eastern Germany, never expecting to see it again. They went to Frankfurt where he was ordained a deacon and taught by "tough but loving leaders to appreciate the value of work and service."

"In those years, many Saints left Europe to go to Zion," he said. "But then, the Brethren taught us that Zion could be anywhere around the globe if we were willing to establish it."

Accordingly, the Saints had faith and stayed, and Zion increased in beauty and holiness with the establishment of stakes in Germany, he remarked. Nevertheless, he added, Germany still had two different political systems divided by concrete walls.

"My eternal partner, my wife Harriet, encouraged me never to lose hope that some day there would be one Germany again," he said.

"In 1976, President [Thomas S.] Monson gave my country a blessing with promises far beyond logical or political reasoning. It was a prophetic promise which required modern-day miracles. And the miracles occurred."

He cited the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the subsequent reunification of Germany. He added. `The borders were enlarged and Zion was enabled to put on her beautiful garments - there are now two temples in Germany, five temples in Europe and more to come. The Kingdom of God is expanding rapidly into the eastern parts of Europe and even moving far beyond geographic or political boundaries of yesterday."

Referring to his night flight over the Atlantic, he said care and precision were required in entering geographic coordinates into the airliner's navigation reference system. "It had to be true and valid because it was the foundation for all future decisisons."

By comparison, he said: "The gospel of Jesus Christ is the only true and valid basis for our lives. If we enter it into our system . . . we will know how to choose the right and to whom to listen."

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