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North America West Area

Serving the community, needyIRVINE, CALIF.

Some 110 Relief Society sisters and young women of the Irvine California Stake turned out on a recent Saturday to help in a Church-sponsored service project. From fabrics they donated, the women sewed 85 articles of clothing and bedding, shirts, shorts, hospital gowns, maternity gowns and baby blankets. The items were donated to help with the Church's humanitarian service effort.

A group also visited a local retirement home and helped the elderly there, and assisted others who were homebound. In addition, more than 30 women went to a newly harvested corn field in the area and from it gleaned 1,600 pounds of corn for a food distribution center. One group painted a large map of the United States on the parking lot of a school ground to help elementary school students better understand geography.

"There was a joyous feeling of accomplishment and charity in serving our community and the needy," said Laura Ainsworth, Irvine California Stake Relief Society president. "Many of our sisters have since taken their families to serve because they wanted their children to share in the wonderful experience of reaching out to others."

Utah South Area

Meetinghouse centennial noted


The Lehi Historical Society sponsored a reunion to commemorate the centennial of the Lehi 3rd Ward meetinghouse, which was constructed in 1894 to house the then year-old North Branch of the Utah Stake.

In 1903, the Lehi Ward, one of the largest in the Church with 2,500 members, was divided into four wards. At that time, the North Branch became the Lehi 3rd Ward. The boundaries of the current Lehi West Stake, of which the modern 3rd ward is now a part, are identical to the boundaries of the old 3rd Ward.

In 1917, an addition to the original meetinghouse nearly doubled its size. Subsequent renovation in 1936 enhanced the building and its grounds.

Centennial commemorative activities included a dinner, tours of the building and a program. North America Central Area Choirs join festival

MONTROSE, COLO. - The Montrose Colorado Stake took seriously Church leaders' advice to get involved in the community. Earlier this year, choirs from the Montrose wards joined for the first time with choirs from other churches in preparing for the recent 4th annual Montrose Area Church Choir Festival.

At the festival, each church presented a choral piece of religious music. For the finale everyone joined into one choir, totaling more than 150 voices. The Montrose Stake Choir sang "Our Savior's Love," epitomizing the Church's focus on Christ. The stake also sent the first children's choir to the festival. A choir of 18 youngsters, ages 7-13, sang "I Am a Child of God," featuring two solos and a flute descant.

The children's choir was treated to one of the longest periods of applause of the evening.

"The basis of the gospel is taught so simply and beautifully in this song," said Diane Westesen, the director. "It was a perfect way to share the gospel with those who don't fully understand it. I think it opened the hearts and maybe a few doors to the gospel."

North America Northwest Area Youth build float, win prize

NAMPA, IDAHO - Priests and Laurels in the Nampa Idaho Stake recently created a float that featured Primary children representing many nations of the world, and entered it in the community's annual "Parade America."

The float, which consisted of a papier-mache globe, presented children singing Primary songs, and young men and young woman marching along side. The float won first place in the religious category of the parade. North America Southwest Area Temples subject of conference

HOUSTON, TEXAS - More than 300 single adults from the area met recently for a conference with the theme, "Let's Open the Door and Let Him In." At the conference, Pres. Harold DeLaMare, former counselor in the presidency of the Dallas Texas Temple, and his wife, Caroline, spoke about the importance of temple worthiness and frequently attending the temple. Seminars included such subjects as "Forgiveness: A Challenge for All," "Growth through Service," "Budgeting Toward Financial Stability," and "Time Management." The conference concluded with a testimony meeting. Asia North Area Free market busy place NAGOYA, JAPAN - Young women of the Kasugai Branch, Nagoya Japan Stake, gathered five large boxes of goods and then participated in a downtown "free market," similar to a garage sale, said Kenichi Ishikawa, Nagoya state director of public affairs. Nagoya is the fourth largest city in Japan, and the free market is in the busiest place in the city, where up to 50 vendors sell second-hand goods and notions. The young women took part in the sale to help sponsor their trip to the Tokyo Temple. Philippines/Micronesia Area Talents developed MANILA, PHILIPPINES - Single adult members of the Manila 1st Ward recently joined with a group of non-member performers to present a musical variety show for the ward. In the show, the members found ways to apply music to real-life missionary and institute experiences. "This activity strengthened self-esteem and self-confidence by bringing out the best in each individual," said Christine Odulio, one of the participants. Mexico South Area District youth gather MORELIA, MEXICO - A large gathering of youth from the Morelia District recently participated in a youth conference here. The conference focused on helping young people strengthen their testimonies and relationships. Its theme, "Whatever principle of intelligence we attain unto in this life, it will rise with us in the resurrection," (D&C 130:18) was developed through community service projects, sports events, a talent show and testimony meeting. "It was an extraordinary experience for everyone present," said Carolina Raya Pena, one of the participants. South America North Area 250 clean, paint in city park GUAYAQUIL, ECUADOR - More than 250 members of of all ages from the Guayaquil Region of the Church recently gathered to clean Guayaquil Park. The members cleaned litter from the area, and re-painted monuments and curbs. During the effort, the members were interviewed by television and newspaper reporters. Brazil Area Sisters helping sisters PETROPOLIS, BRAZIL - Relief Society sisters in the Paraiba Do Sul Branch, Petropolis Brazil Stake, did more than just chat with residents of the Vicentino Rest Home during a recent visit. The Relief Society sisters worked hard cleaning the home and providing for the well-being of the elderly women who live there. Readers from around the world are invited to submit news items and photos for this feature on Church events worldwide. Submissions should include a telephone number of someone who can be contacted for additional information. Items should be mailed to Church News, "From Around the World," P.O. Box 1257, Salt Lake City, Utah 84110. Fax No. (801) 237-2121.

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