On the bright side

For four years, my children have watched their father, the bishop, come and go in his suit and tie so often that our young son, Brent, has recently begun to wear his clip-on tie everywhere he goes. He loves to wear this tie even when he plays around the house.

I have grown so accustomed to seeing him wear his tie attached to his T-shirt that I didn't notice that he was wearing it when I took him shopping to buy ice cream on his third birthday. I sent him into the store with his 11-year-old brother, while I waited in the car with my other children, including our newborn son.When they returned to the car with the ice cream, I was chatting with a sister in our ward who happened to see us in the parking lot. She watched Brent climbing into the car, noticed his tie, and commented, "Now that's a bishop's son!"

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