'Trunk-n-treat': A Halloween alternative

A variation on an age-old Halloween tradition seems to be catching on in parts of the Church.

"Trunk-n-Treat" is an activity considered in some locales to be a safer and more feasible alternative to "trick-or-treating" on Halloween. Typical of wards that engaged in the activity this year was the Willow Creek Ward in Lehi, Utah. It has become a successful activity to unite the rural ward and to provide fun and goodies for the children and youth on a potentially dangerous holiday.

Trunk-n-Treat provides all the fun of trick-or-treating within an enclosed area - the ward parking lot. Members and guests park their cars and open up their trunks or van doors and wait for monsters, princesses and other imaginary characters to come to their "door."

Before the main activity for the costumed children, the ward activity committee helped the Primary to serve a buffet dinner of sloppy joes and chips. Following the dinner, the children and youth joined in a costume parade around the cultural hall and were judged for the scariest, most original, most colorful and funniest costumes.

Although this is only the second year in sponsoring the activity, the attendance has already quadrupled from the year before. Neighbors not normally seen at other activities not only came but brought cousins and grandparents as well.

Because for some ward members the nearest neighbor is more than half a mile away, frequent fellowshipping is difficult and the success of Trunk-n-Treat has helped to unite the ward.

Bishop Mark Ellis explained the activity "provides cohesiveness and gives us control over the safety of our children's activity on Halloween."

Instead of only visiting five homes on this night, neighbors now have a get-together that is fun for the adults as well as the children. The only mishap for the night was many car owners ran out of treats.

The activity has been successful in wards in other states, including California, Idaho, Arizona and Wyoming.

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