Missionary moments: After 66 years

Few men on earth are as loving and kind as was my grandpa. He exemplified the ideals of giving selfless service and living a Christ-centered life. If help was needed or if something needed to be done, Grandpa was there.

Born in 1901, Frank Earl Wirig was always a man devoted to God. A non-member, he soon fell in love with Maude Anne Hutchinson. They were married Oct. 18, 1924, in Ogden, Utah. Grandpa worked as an engineer on the Union Pacific Railroad, and Grandma was a devoted wife and mother. They had two children, Frank H. and Carol Joy. Grandma took them to Church, and Grandpa taught them to pray and love the Bible. The children were baptized. Grandpa supported his family but remained aloof from the Church.While serving a mission, young Frank was promised by Elder Henry D. Moyle, then an apostle, that his dad would become a member of the Church.

Frank never forgot this promise. He married Bessie, and they had eight children. Carol married Jack, and they had six children. Since that time the family has grown to include 14 grandchildren and 46 great-grandchildren, who are all members of the Church. Add to this the missionary labors of the children and grandchildren of Grandpa and Grandma, and there are hundreds who have been brought to the truth of the restored gospel through the faithfulness of Grandma.

In March 1990, after staying with Grandpa helping him recuperate from injuries from a bad fall, Frank was driving to visit his children in California. During the drive, he prayed and told the Lord, "I've done everything I know. I turn him over to you."

After arriving in California, Grandma called Frank and told him Grandpa wanted to be baptized. At the age of 89, after 66 years together with his LDS wife, Grandpa was baptized in November 1990, in the Evanston Wyoming Stake by his son, Frank.

As the family is now united in the blessings of the gospel, our hearts go out to the many members of the Church who are from part-member families. Keep the faith. Follow the example of my grandma in enduring to the end.

Grandpa and Grandma were later sealed in the Jordan River Temple, and our family was sealed. Grandpa died Jan. 19, 1994. My heart goes out and says, "Thanks Grandma and Grandpa."

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