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25 years ago

Temple presidents and recorders from the Church's 13 temples gathered in Salt Lake City for a seminar conducted under the direction of the First Presidency, reported the Nov. 1, 1969, issue of the Church News.

"The purpose of the seminar was to instruct the temple presidents and recorders in their duties, to answer questions, and to be sure there was conformity and uniformity in the temple procedure," said President N. Eldon Tanner, second counselor in the First Presidency. "They were able to get firsthand information as to the nature and amount of work being done by The Genealogical Society.

"The computer is playing an important part in genealogical and temple work. Those attending the seminar were able to become acquainted with the computer system and how it relates to their administration."

Elder Howard W. Hunter, then of the Council of the Twelve, added: "This was a spiritual occasion with opportunity for instruction and discussion regarding temple procedure. Recently we have been able to increase the number of baptisms performed in the temple about four times."

At the time of the seminar, ground had been broken for three additional temples in Ogden and Provo, Utah; and in Washington, D.C.

Quote from the past

"There is no reason why the Latter-day Saints today should not obtain and enjoy the gifts and graces and blessings of the gospel the same as they were enjoyed in ancient days by the ancient servants and people of God." - Elder George Q. Cannon, in an address given Oct. 5, 1879, in the Tabernacle on Temple Square.

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