Baptism brought her happiness and peace

During 1994, Primary children throughout the world have been focusing on the theme, "The Gospel of Jesus Christ Can Bring Me Peace." This year the Church News has been publishing articles that Primary children have been invited to write about the 12 concepts suggested in the instructions for the 1994 Children's Sacrament Meeting Presentation. The following article focuses on the 12th and final concept, "I can help others feel peace by loving and serving them as I try to live as Jesus lived."

I am very happy. I was recently baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. And with me was my family - my father, mother and brother.When I stood in the water in white clothes and Elder Carter said the prayer over me and immersed me in the water, I was very happy and peaceful. I felt great love for me and my own love for the world.

Some time has passed since then. We attend sacrament meetings as a family. I love that day very much. In the evenings at home we talk about Christ. We study the scriptures.

I am beginning to understand better that all we have been given in life has come from our Heavenly Father. When I pray and ask for blessings, it is easier for me to study at school, easier to obey my parents, and I am filled with light.

My dear brothers and sisters and all people on earth, I love you, and I ask you to obey the commandments, because through them we can return to our Father in Heaven.

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