Two LDS members of Congress appointed to leadership posts

A U.S. senator and a member of the House of Representatives - both of them Church members - have been appointed to leadership positions in their political party in Congress, their offices have announced.

U.S. Sen. Bob Bennett, R-Utah, was appointed Dec. 1 to a two-year term as leader of the Senate Prayer Breakfast. His responsibilities include co-chairing the National Prayer Breakfast with President Bill Clinton in Washington D.C., in 1996."It is a privilege to be honored with the assignment of Senate Prayer Breakfast leader," he said. "The weekly breakfast is a time when senators, in a bipartisan fashion, come together dropping all ecclesiastical barriers and providing each other with inspirational words of wisdom. It is a welcome opportunity for one hour each Wednesday to divert our attention from chaotic Senate business and engage in meaningful reflection."

The Senate Prayer Breakfast gives senators an opportunity to speak on a topic of their choice of inspirational value. Sen. Bennett will oversee the appointment of weekly speakers which, aside from current senators, includes former senators and an occasional special guest.

The leadership position is rotated every two years between Republican and Democratic senators.

Idaho 2nd District Rep. Mike Crapo will continue to serve as a member of House Republican Leadership in the 104th Congress in the newly created position of Sophomore Class Leader.

During the 103rd Congress, 1993-94, Rep. Crapo served on House Republican Leadership as New Member Leader. That position was created to allow for direct freshman class involvement in leadership decisions. The position to which he was just elected was created to continue this leadership position for his class members, who will start their second terms in Congress in January. It is a separate position from the class president, who does not sit on House Leadership.

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