At age 90, she is a missionary in her own apartment

Even though Maria Schade is 90 years old, she's an active missionary for the Church in her own, quiet way. The Salzburg, Austria, resident has created an information-filled, miniature "visitors center" in her tiny apartment.

"I'm working for the Lord to pay Him back for the long life He's given me," Sister Schade said. "Because I know He cares for me, I must do something for Him in return. My little `visitors center' is a happy way I can serve Him by bringing the truth of the gospel to others."She said guests aren't able to pass by a corner of one room without investigating its contents. There, she keeps pictures and books for anyone wanting to know about the Prophet Joseph Smith and the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Sister Schade, who was converted to the Church in Salzburg in 1929, said she always keeps her video recorder ready to show guests videotapes describing the richness of the gospel, especially as found in LDS scriptures. Before guests leave her apartment she makes sure each receives a copy of the Book of Mormon and other LDS literature, most of which has been provided to her by local ward members.

Sister Schade faithfully attends all ward meetings including Relief Society and is an active visiting teacher. She also takes continuing-education courses, partly because she just enjoys learning and also because "these classes give me some additional chances to tell others about our wonderful Savior."

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