This week in Church history

25 years ago

Replicas of the Angel Moroni statue atop the Salt Lake Temple and of Thorvaldsen's "The Christus" were being readied for installation at the Church Pavilion at the Japan World Exposition (Expo '70), set to open March 15, 1970, according to the Dec. 20, 1969, issue of the Church News.An 8-foot, 3-inch replica of the Angel Moroni statue was ready for installation atop the pavilion. The fiber-glass statue had already been displayed at Church exhibitions at the New York World's Fair; the San Antonio, Texas, HemisFair; and at the Montreal City Fair in Canada.

"A 12-foot, nine-ton statue of The Christus' is also being prepared for the Church pavilion. It is being carved out of Cararra marble at Florence, Italy. . . . "Millions of visitors will viewThe Christus' in the Mormon pavilion. An even larger number, possibly as high as 50 million, will see the Angel Moroni statue atop the pavilion.

"Church authorities expect the Church to flourish in Japan and other Oriental countries as never before, following the fair," the article stated.

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