Church efforts help strengthen families

The First Presidency has endorsed the designation of 1994 as the International Year of the Family, and the Church has recently emphasized varied efforts related to parenting and strengthening families:

Focus on children - Throughout the year, the Primary is sponsoring this effort to direct the attention and efforts of adults toward caring for and nurturing children. Emphasis is being given to teaching members to recognize the unique worth of each child; identifying each child and providing opportunities for increased participation in Church programs and activities; and improving the quality of teaching given children in the home and at Church.- Satellite broadcast, "Behold Your Little Ones" - The Jan. 23 program focusing on the needs and worth of children has elicited many favorable responses, according to general Primary leaders. (See article on broadcast in Jan. 29 Church News.)

Radio and television - The Church continues to produce public service radio and television spots and programs aimed at strengthening families. In addition, the free videotape, "Family First," is offered to the public through a public service promotional campaign. Two LDS-produced television series, "Families Are Forever" and "Center Street" continue to run on the Faith and Values cable network. A series of public service radio documentaries has been produced for stations throughout the United States, including many with family themes such as family history, teaching children values, parenting, family communication and the nurturing father.

Other efforts - Most of what goes on in the Church is for the purpose of strengthening families. From Sunday class instruction to weekly Young Men and Young Women activities to temple work, all have the aim of building spirituality and creating an eternal family unit. Of course, family home evening, home teaching and visiting teaching fall into this category of efforts, as well.

In addition, Church Public Affairs offices in areas throughout the world are joining with others in their communities to present family seminars, exhibits and media and educational programs related to strengthening families. Through these Public Affairs activities, local Church leaders are able to positively reach out to their communities.


Church resources on parenting

Following is a list of pamphlets and booklets on parenting available through Church distribution centers:

To the Mothers in Zion; To the Fathers in Israel; Cornerstones of a Happy Home; Our Family: A Practical Guide for Building a Gospel-Centered Home; How to Talk to Your Teenager; A Parent's Guide; Three Steps to a Happier Family; Family First (pamphlet and videotape); Teach Them Correct Principles (Sunday School Family Relations class manual).

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