Some Church organization remained in Moroni's day

The size, organization, and prominence of the Church of Jesus Christ as Moroni [son of Mormon] was maturing is not clear from the Book of Mormon. We do know that Mormon was the prophet and there was some organization still intact.

Mormon directed remarks to a problem that had been reported to him relative to an apostate practice being carried out in Moroni's area of authority - that of infant baptism.Mormon told Moroni, a newly ordained leader, to "labor diligently, that this gross error should be removed from among you. (Moro. 8:6.)" This correspondence infers that Moroni presided over a body of believers, some of whom were perverting the ways of the Lord. One can conclude that some semblance of church organization still existed when Moroni was a young man. Mormon told Moroni that where he was "in this part of the land they are also seeking to pull down all power and authority which cometh from God; and they are denying the Holy Ghost." (Moro. 8:28.)"

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