'Unspoiled man' became Lord's prophet

The Bible testifies that revelation began with Adam and Eve, who heard the voice of the Lord God while they were walking in the garden. (Gen. 3:8.) The scriptures contain many examples of revelations given by God to His chosen prophets He raised up for specific purposes. One such was Moses, who had been reared in the riches of Pharoah's household but was a refugee in Midian when he was called to lead the impoverished children of Israel from Egyptian bondage.

In his October 1962 general conference address, Elder Mark E. Petersen of the Council of the Twelve commented that when Jacob took his family into Egypt to escape the famine, the whole house of Israel numbered only 70 people."In Egypt the Israelites multiplied and became numerous," Elder Petersen said. "Then tragedy came again. They left the teachings of their fathers, and began worshiping like the Egyptians, who were idolators. They became so involved that later on they made a golden calf of their own and worshiped before it.

"The Lord determined to bring His people out of Egypt and restore the truth to them. This would entail another new revelation, but to whom would He reveal Himself? To Pharaoh on his throne? To the doubting elders of Israel?

"He kept to His pattern and raised up an unspoiled man to become His prophet - a shepherd whose name was Moses. To him he spoke. To him he appeared. To Him he gave power to lead the children of Israel out of Egypt."

In April 1964 general conference, President N. Eldon Tanner of the First Presidency said: "Though the gospel plan has remained the same from the beginning, important truths have been abandoned and forgotten, and therefore it has been necessary from time to time for God to raise up prophets to restore the gospel truths, to testify to the people, and to instruct them in righteousness. Also, each dispensation faced different problems, and therefore continuous revelation was necessary to cope with them.

"I have always been impressed with the way Moses was protected and preserved by the Lord, who had chosen him and through direct revelation prepared and directed him day by day as to what he should do and how he should prepare to lead the children of Israel out of bondage and out of Egypt; how the Lord personally instructed Moses how to deal with Pharaoh and how, through God's commands, plagues were imposed and withdrawn by the Lord; how the Lord protected them as they crossed the Red Sea; and how He continued to lead and guide and direct them as long as they were prepared to listen to the prophet and follow his instruction . . . .

"The Lord has always stood ready to lead and direct His people if they would but listen to His word."

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