On the bright side

On a previously arranged appointment, the Ronald Elliot Weaver family traveled from Eagle River, Alaska, to receive their temple ordinances and sealing in the Las Vegas Nevada Temple in February 1993.

Brother Weaver was accompanied by his wife, Linda Marie, and children Dustin Paul, 15; Laura Beth, 13; and Stuart Morgan, 8.When the appointment at the temple was made, Brother Weaver had asked if Dustin and Laura could do baptisms for the dead while their parents were on an endowment session. The two had never had that opportunity before because of the remote area where they live, 12 miles outside Anchorage.

At the time the family went to the temple, Dustin was undergoing chemotherapy for Hodgkin's disease. Notwithstanding, he and Laura were able to be baptized before the family sealing, and Dustin was so eager to do all he could that he asked to do baptisms for an additional hour after they were sealed. It was a wonderful, spiritual day for the two youth, their family and close friends.

After the Weavers returned home, Dustin began to lose his hair due to his chemotherapy treatment. Because of the love and respect his priesthood quorum friends had for him, they all shaved their heads so Dustin would not feel alone. It's been a year since, and Dustin's disease is in remission. His and his fellow quorum members' hair has grown back, and all are moving forward with increased faith and hope.

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