People who made a difference: Walking in 'savior's footsteps'

In the Tarzana Ward, Canoga Park California Stake, there is a convert to the Church who stands out among all of us. Tim Williams, who joined the Church about five or six years ago, has committed himself to walking in the Savior's footsteps. He visits the sick and lonely, and looks for opportunities to help wherever he can.

Recently, when a member's car was rear-ended near her home, Brother Williams was there within minutes, notifying the ward Relief Society visiting teacher and eager to help in any way he could.A brother in our ward is confined to a wheelchair and cannot attend Church without assistance. Brother Williams will be seen many Sunday mornings pushing this good brother's wheelchair to sacrament meeting. On temple assignments, Tim picks up our handicapped brother, drives him to the temple where he takes care of all his physical needs so that this brother may attend the temple sessions. This is usually a five-hour project. Not an easy task.

Two or three times a year Tim flies home to Michigan to visit his non-member parents and family. They in turn visit him. They are wonderful, friendly, people who have made some permanent and good friends in our ward. Tim never mises a chance to tell his family, or anyone who will listen, of his new-found joyful life as a member of the Church.

Brother Williams is the ideal Church member, holding fast to the iron rod, in his service to all and his love of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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