Jesus, apostles verified and documented miracles recorded in the Old Testament

Astory of indomitable faith is recorded in the book of Joshua, when the children of Israel were brought to the very border of the Promised Land and, seemingly, had no way to cross the flooded Jordan River.

Of this incident, Elder Spencer W. Kimball wrote in Faith Precedes the Miracle:"Israel . . . was ready to cross into the Promised Land, the productivity and beauty of which could probably be seen from the higher hills. But how to get there? There were no bridges nor ferries across the flooding Jordan. Too deep for crossing in ordinary times, it was now at the time of harvest impossible to ford. A great prophet, Joshua, received the mind of the Lord and commanded, and another miracle was born of faith. (See Josh. 3:15-17.)

"The elements find control through faith. The wind, the clouds, the heavens obey the voice of faith. . . .

"If you would discount these miracles of the Old Testament, how can you accept the New Testament? You would also have difficulty in accepting Paul and his associate Apostles, and the Lord Jesus Christ, for they have verified and documented those miraculous events.

"Now . . . how can these stories of faith be brought into our own lives? Faith is needed here as much as ever before."

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