Temple moments: Greatest day

Stake members researching and submitting more than 6,000 family names prepared the way for the greatest stake temple day in the history of the 30-year-old Corvallis Oregon Stake, said Pres. Allen L. Davis.

Their efforts "extended blessings to an extent that could hardly be imagined," according to stake members who participated.During the yearlong research effort, many people who had been "putting off" the temple work for their departed relatives were stirred to action.

The Corvallis stake temple day - which was extended for an extra day - was held at the Portland Oregon Temple on Friday and Saturday, Jan. 29-30, 1993, and more than 70 percent of the stake's temple recommend holders participated.

One participant, Richard Kirby, said of the two days in the temple: "Today was a good day when we spent five or six hours in the temple. Yesterday, we spent 11 hours. It was a great day."

Portland Oregon Temple Pres. Thomas Y. Emmett described the stake's efforts as "the greatest member project since the temple opened."

"We tried to keep exact counts at first, but then we were simply overwhelmed by the numbers," said Pres. Emmett. "All of our sealers were serving, and extra late endowment sessions were necessary to serve those who passed up dinner in favor of another endowment session - most of which were conducted by stake and ward leaders."

The youth also did their part. More than two-thirds of all the young men and young women in the stake were baptized and confirmed on behalf of the dead. As one youth commented, "It was the best stake youth event ever."

Mark Hornibrook, the high councilor who spearheaded the effort, often becomes emotional when he speaks about the "marvelous, wonderful, thrilling experiences."

"Not only did we perform saving ordinances for the dead, but we also strengthened and lifted the spiritual level of stake members," he said.

Pres. Davis related: "Our great members came early and stayed late. Many took off from work. All of the assignments made were completed in a humble, thrilling fashion.

"Many caught a glimpse of the glory of the temple."

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