Missionary moments: At long last

In 1964, Herbert and Daisy Kincaid visited in Salt Lake City for three days. They intended to leave for home in Utica, N.Y., the morning of the fourth day. But for some reason, he wanted to go back to Temple Square.

Leaving his wife at their hotel to rest, Mr. Kincaid walked across the street to Temple Square, and saw a bus leaving for Welfare Square. He asked if he could go. Once on Welfare Square, Mr. Kincaid toured the facility with the other tourists.At the time, I was coordinator of Welfare Square, and after the tour, Mr. Kincaid came to see me in my office. He told me he had been a minister for more than 30 years and spent a considerable amount of time helping with welfare problems. He then asked me so many questions that he missed the bus returning to Temple Square.

After about an hour, and after having explained his great joy and happiness in seeing real welfare work being done by welfare workers in and around the storehouse, he said he would like to know more about the Church. I explained I could easily arrange to have two young missionaries go to his home.

I later learned that as Mr. Kincaid went back to his hotel, he was thoroughly inspired. He planned to say to his wife, "Now, Daisy, don't say a word. I want to tell you something." But as he opened the door to the hotel room, she said, "Herbert, I've found the true Church! All morning, I've been here in bed reading this book. It's called the Book of Mormon. I have read it now for three hours, and this book is true. There is a true Church on the earth, and I think at long last we have found it."

When he composed himself, he said, "Daisy, I too found the true Church today. I have seen the true Church in action, and the Mormon Church is true."

The Kincaids returned home and were baptized. A year later, I accompanied them to the Salt Lake Temple. A year after that, I was called to preside over the Florida Mission, where one day I received the missionary recommendations for Elder and Sister Kincaid. What a thrill for me and the Kincaids! Elder and Sister Kincaid filled an honorable and wonderful mission.

Sister Kincaid has since died. Brother Kincaid was 96 on Jan. 21, and is living in Amarillo, Texas. He is strong and faithful in the Church and has never wavered from that marvelous day when the two of them found the Church in exciting and different ways. - Elder Glen L. Rudd, former member of the Second Quorum of the Seventy

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