'A giant in spirit'

Just south of the Arctic Circle in Skellefteo, Sweden, one of the northern-most Church branches, lives a giant of a sister, Inga Britt Soederstroem.

Life has given her a body that does not exceed 31/2 feet in height. Age has given her the burden of confinement to a wheelchair. Gnarled fingers no longer allow her to accompany Church singing nor to play the lovely music she has composed.Physical nuisances have not lessened Sister Soederstroem's sweet personality nor her ability to comfort others in need of cheering and encouragement. Her keen wit and warm smile welcome everyone to her home. Missionaries bring investigators to visit. Her sweet conversion story and powerful spirit have helped many investigators commit to baptism.

Since she can't go out as a missionary, she asks the Lord for guidance seeking names of those to whom she should send the Book of Mormon.

A convert of more than 30 years and now in her 72nd year of life, this lovely lady is an example of the pure love of Christ. Unless sickness restricts her, Sister Soederstroem is always in her place at Church meetings - never complaining, never criticizing, but always encouraging. And when she prays, one feels the Lord is not far away.

We met Sister Soederstroem during the first week of our mission to Sweden. We were told that meeting her would be a spiritual experience for us. It was, and much more! The privilege of having her for a friend makes whatever sacrifice we have made to serve a mission very worthwhile.

Submitted by Elder Lawrence and Sister Ruth Spjute, Sweden Stockholm Mission

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