Temple moments: Hearts of the children

A temple can not only provide a link between the living and dead, but also between generations of the living.

Elise Bee Black, who serves as temple accompanist in the Salt Lake and Provo temples and Joseph Smith Memorial Building as a Church service missionary, has a close relationship with her daughter, Gay de Jesus, and granddaughter, Stacie, part of which is based on their mutual love for temple work. As they visit in Sister Black's home, the family often discusses the temple. The subject comes up partly because the Provo Temple is visible through her living room window."We have frequent temple discussions in the evenings as we gaze out the window across the valley at the golden temple spire glowing in the dark," Sister Black said.

In addition, the topic comes up as Stacie's mother drives Sister Black to the temple. Stacie often accompanies them.

"Stacie always watched me from the car as I entered the temple. I could see her waving goodbye, and it looked like she was wondering what it is like inside the temple," said Sister Black.

As Stacie's 12th birthday approached in 1992, she looked forward to doing baptisms for the dead in the Provo Temple. She asked to do work for her relatives as her grandmother had.

"Her mother and I went to the Lehi Family History Center to do some research on our German ancestors," said Sister Black. "We found the names of two ancestors for whom Stacie could be baptized. We put their names on a computer disc, which I took to the Provo Temple to have ready for the day of the baptisms.

"On her birthday, we went to the temple about 10 a.m. and learned that the baptisms would be performed about noon. She knew about the temple dining room and asked if she could eat lunch while we waited. We received permission. She chose her food with great care and soon we were seated in the dining room. It was such a thrill for me to watch her sweet reactions and excitement as we sat there. Her eyes were searching everywhere, seeing everyone dressed in white, and feeling the quiet spirit in the temple.

She said, "Oh, Grandma, I can just feel Heavenly Father's Spirit here."

Sister Black reflected, "Later, as I sat watching her being baptized for not only our two names, but for many others as well, I thanked my Heavenly Father for this sweet, special granddaughter."

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