Winning artists and titles

Here is a list of award recipients with titles and descriptions of the art works.

Receiving both merit and purchase awards:"Ascent" by David Linn, Los Altos Hills, Calif.; oil on linen, 1993.

"Genesis of Repentance: Realization" by Wilson Jay Ong, Cedar Hills, Utah; oil, 1992.

"Conflicting Choices" by Jill W. Hellberg, Logan, Utah; oil, 1992.

"In God We Trust" by M. Edmund Mueller, Colorado Springs, Colo.; oil on panel with wood inserts, 1993.

"Sands of Abraham" by Laurie Schnoebelen, Alta Loma, Calif.; mixed media, 1993.

"Happy Family of Six Sealed for Time and All Eternity" by Agrippa Ndongwe, Mutare, Zimbabwe; hand-carved opal stone, 1993.

"Home Gardening" by Midori Takeuchi, Matsuyama-shi, Japan; rattan, 1993.

"Turning the Heart of a Child to Her Ancestors" by Margery Sorenson Cannon, Salt Lake City, Utah; mixed media, 1993.

Purchase award only:

"The Family - a Central Unit in the Church" by Lawrence Enigiator, Benin City, Nigeria; wood carving, 1993.

"Beauty of the Seoul Korea Temple" by Yu-Seon Kim, Seoul, Korea; crystal, 1993."

"Studying the Scriptures Brings Revelation" by Abelardo L. Lovendino, Lagazi City, Philippines; oil on canvas, 1993.

"Eternal Salvation" by Blanca E. Pavon de Valdez, Nezahualcoyotl, Mexico; broom straw and campeche wax, 1993.

"The Lamanites Blossom like the Rose in the Desert" by Maria Gladis Barrientos de Monterroso, Guatemala City, Guatemala; embroidery and oil, 1993.

"Becoming Self-Reliant" by Abu Hassan Conteh, Freetown, Sierra Leone; textile, 1993.

"Strength, Color, and Spirit in the Gospel" by Irene Becerril, Tabasco, Mexico; mixed media, pastels, 1993.

"Become Familiar with the Scriptures" by Taichi Aoba, Saijo-shi, Japan; potter's clay, 1993.

"Behold the Fruit of My Labor Is Sweet" by Cheryl Morris, Bay Shore, N.Y.; wool on monk's cloth, 1993.

Merit award only:

"And God Said" by Barbara Holmes, Visalia, Calif.; mixed media, 1993.

"Furnishings for an Afterliving Room" by Kurt W. and Rebecca Clark Knudsen, Provo, Utah; mixed media, 1993.

"Portrait of a Rose" by Dale L. Claflin, Colorado Springs, Colo.; acrylic, 1993.

"Walking with Great-Grandpa" by Ada Redd Rigby, Blanding, Utah; paper cut, 1993.

"Ma'ara" by Blanche P. Wilson, Ogden, Utah; color woodcut, 1993.

"Seeds Are His Promise" by Emma Allebes, Fair Oaks, Calif.; quilt, 1993.

"Around the World" by Marilyn McLean, Salt Lake City, Utah; counted cross-stitch, 1993.

"Gatekeeper" by Diana Garff Gardiner, Salt Lake City, Utah; mixed media, 1993.

"The Grave Hath No Victory" by Franz Johansen, Provo, Utah; bronze, 1993.

"Irrigation Turn - Time with Grandpa" by Valoy Eaton, Vernal, Utah; oil, 1993.

"Replanting Eden" by Brad Aldridge, Provo, Utah; oil on panel, 1993.

"I Will Not Fail Thee" by Derek Hegsted, Orem, Utah; oil, 1993.

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