People who made a difference: They exemplify love, compassion

Willard and Martha Carico of the Huntington 1st Ward, Huntington West Virginia Stake, have touched many lives. The Caricos were devoted to their parents and siblings and are devoted to their children and grandchildren. The love of their family carries beyond the living to the dead. They have served as genealogical teachers and library workers, encouraging, aiding and teaching interested persons to research, organize and submit progenitors and ancestors to the Church's files.

Additionally, Brother and Sister Carico organize temple trips and accompany members to give assistance where needed. They served as temple missionaries for 25 months in the Washington Temple. Salvation work for the living and dead has been consistent throughout their lives.Love and compassion for others is exemplified by their visits, letters, telephone calls, hot meals delivered to those in need, and taking the sick into their home and caring for them. Their life's motto has been love, charity and service.

They are happy, pleasant, faithful and enthusiastic ward members who bring the gospel message with joy and confidence. Their lives and counsel are built upon gospel principles. They are exemplary missionaries in the discipleship for Christ, serving in most capacities within the ward. Brother and Sister Carico are willing, obedient servants of the Lord, engendering an endeavor among admirers to seek the blessings of the abundant life.

The Caricos, through their missionary efforts, were also instrumental in bringing my husband and me into the Church, and because of their love and support, my life has been blessed greatly.

Brother and Sister Carico continue to make the difference in the lives of the members our ward.

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