This week in Church history

25 years ago

"Construction of a new 25-story general office building for exclusive use of the Church will begin this summer," the First Presidency announced in the April 19, 1969, issue of the Church News.

"The newest high-rise building to be constructed in the Utah capital [Salt Lake City] will be located on the same block and immediately to the north of the present Church Administration Building," the article said.

The building was to be erected above a three-level underground parking structure already in use, according to the Church News. "When the plaza was constructed in 1964-65, the footings and steel columns upon which the new office building will be built were installed.

"The building will include wings four stories high to the east and west of the center tower. Construction will be of welded steel, with a facing of precast stone in white quartzite. Floors will be of cellular steel, with a concrete wearing surface. . . .

"The building will have two fronts - north and south - with the columns of the colonade on each side being four stories high."

Quote from the past

"The work of God is growing and increasing, and it will continue to do so. . . ." - President John Taylor, in an address given Aug. 6, 1882, at Logan, Utah.

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