This week in Church history

150 years ago

The Prophet Joseph Smith spent a "beautiful clear" Sunday, April 28, 1844, in several meetings before being "suddenly taken sick" and retiring to his home, according to History of the Church 6:346.

Joseph's brother, Hyrum, preached to the Saints in Nauvoo, Ill., that morning. Referring to persecution and apostasy, Hyrum said, among other things, that "the time will shortly come that when one man makes another an offender for a word, he shall be cut off from the Church of Jesus Christ."

President Brigham Young "also spoke very pointedly and very truly" about those who had turned against the Prophet and the Church.

Following the meeting, several people were baptized in the river at the foot of Main Street.

Later that day there was a meeting of the "Twelve Apostles, Seventies and others" in the Seventies' Hall, and a prayer meeting that evening. At the prayer meeting, "the brethren prayed for the sick, a deliverance from our enemies" and about other concerns.

Quote from the past

"Love one another, be kind to each other; if you have difficulties, settle them honorably." - President John Taylor, in an address given Dec. 1, 1878, in Bountiful, Utah.

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