'The influence of a gifted teacher'

Having been raised in a military family, I had little contact with the Church during my early years. However, after my dad retired, we came back home to Boise, Idaho, where the Church was strong.

My mother began taking us to Church regularly and she encouraged me to attend seminary. I went, but only out of duty. My seminary teacher was Roxie M. Bybee, presently in the Salem 4th Ward, Salem Oregon Stake. I believe the Lord knew how much I needed the influence of Sister Bybee at this vulnerable time in my life. The most powerful lesson she taught me was not in a classroom setting but on a ride home from seminary one afternoon. The impression is still deep and abiding.I had made poor choices in friends and was susceptible to their influence and lack of understanding of God's standards. One weekend, I went to the movies with a few of these friends. Although at the time I did not recognize it as such, the movie was basically satanic in nature, and I found myself deeply disturbed by it. The following Monday, Sister Bybee gave me a ride home. She must have sensed that something was amiss, for our conversation led to my recent experience. I remember her turning to me and saying in a firm but kind voice, "Teressa, you cannot fight something you do not understand." As the years have come and gone, I have realized the full importance of those words. I could not fight Satan or his evil influence until I recognized him and his power.

Sister Bybee kindled in me a desire to learn, to know what to hold fast to and what to fight strongly against. She planted seeds in the heart of a vulnerable youth, not knowing how deeply she had sowed them.

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