Their mothers taught them

Like Helaman's stripling warriors, those who have been correctly taught by their mothers are eternally grateful for that kind and loving effort. (See Alma 56:47 and Alma 57:21.)

Likewise, mothers are eternally grateful when their children choose to accept and live those eternal truths.When teachings are kindly given and gratefully accepted, a wonderful, eternal bond forms between a mother and her children. And, while that bond is often so very strong, it somehow seems just a little stronger when children are serving a full-time mission for the Lord.

To wit, here's a sampling of how some missionary mothers view that joyful relationship:

"We've always had a special relationship, but now he's on an even higher spiritual level. When I wrote him recently, I told him he is my `Dear Diary,' because I know that he'll truly understand the things I write. We've really enjoyed conversing back and forth in letters.

"Before he left, he didn't always relate things to religion. Now he knows that everything has spiritual roots.

"He's a man now."

"I served a mission, so when she told me that she looks at me as an example, it certainly made me feel good. I also know a lot about the experiences she's having, and how great her service is for the people there, as well as for herself.

"She has wanted to go on a mission forever, and I don't have a minute's concern about her. I want to share her successes with everybody. She's getting a new mission president this summer, and I want to tell him, `You've got a very special person there.' "

"Mother's Day will be different this year. It seems strange, but even though he's not going to be here, our entire family will feel closer and more appreciative of each other.

"The Spirit has really blessed our home. We feel an even greater sense of harmony.

"From the time he received his call, and really started to focus on serving the Lord on a mission, our relationship became closer. As he started to focus his attention on the Lord, it brought his heart back home."

"The relationship between mother and daughter changes from a verbal relationship to a writing relationship, but I think a mother tries very hard to continue with the closeness. This is our third daughter to serve a mission.

"Being a mother, I've found that the very best thing I can offer my children is the joy in Heavenly Father's celestial university - a mission. As the child gains celestial vision, the letters become very personal and gratitude is expressed in both directions.

"The whole family waits for the missionary letter. It is almost as though there is a secondary teacher . . . to the younger children. The whole family does draw closer together."

"I feel like I'm getting a reward for my efforts. As our children have grown, I have often wondered if what I was doing was having a positive impact. Having two sons on missions is kind of a pat on the back and a neat reward for our efforts.

"It is really nice that they are sharing with people in other countries our traditions of Mother's Day and telling them about our home.

"In Korea, the people like to see my son's pictures of his home and family. I feel like our whole family is on a mission."

"When your son leaves on a mission you feel like there's a little bit of a vacancy in the home. We've found that Mother's Day is a good time to talk to other family members about what it is like to have one person missing. It helps the others know that they, too, are important, because they see how we feel when they are gone.

"Having our son gone has given me a lot of time to think about his personality. I think I am more appreciative of him and will probably be more understanding of him when he returns. He's having a wonderful mission and really helping a lot of people. Besides making you feel good, seeing that lets you know that what you've been teaching all these years has really sunk in.

"We are so overwhelmed that his mission is almost over. We're almost afraid of having him come home because we love the blessings of having him in the mission field. It brings such a sense of peace."

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